Please reserve your place in advance. NOW Scheduling every seminar. Choose your date (s) and sign in for a place at the table.....

Please click on Summit Seminars 2018 on the right, to see more of the upcoming schedule. Enroll ASAP. Affordable prices from $25 to $35 to $50 a day. (w.lunch and snacks) Payment in advance for my trip to the market for organics.

Apply or inquire now [email protected]   

 (909) 589-0969 or Post Office Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325  with contact information. Thanks!

--------------PAST Seminars

For future, please keep scrolling for November and December---------------------

Next seminar:  Friday, October 19th FREE. A day of writing, learning about and writing poems that will get published in contemporary journals. 10 to 4 Pm. A day to learn, practice and produce. A free healthy lunch and plenty of coffee and snacks.  The day will pass all too quickly because it is designed to engage you in the "flow"-- writing your own poems. The goal is to get published in today's top journals and preparing your little chapbook of 12 to 24 poems and getting published. Come for a day of writing for publication. If I could do it, so can you.

Come on over. This coming Friday. Free.

Walking Crow Meditation Center​

A Writer's Cabin:

A Mountain​ Retreat

Announcing our new low cost

"Summit Seminars"

Inviting writers of all genres to a quiet hideaway where you can imagine, write, and work with just as much creative coaching, instruction, and

inspiration as you want....never more than 6 participants at any time


Finish your script, novel (historical, romance, mystery), poetry chapbook, poetry collection, children's and adult literature, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, stage play, travelogue, interview, essay, and all with the coaching of an award-winning author, poet and playwright and very special guests.

Our goal is to get you to publication and solid intellectual property (copyright) for your legacy. From start to finish, work toward your goal.

Write for information today!

Summit Seminars

P.O. Box 36

Crestline Village, CA 92325

November seminars. November 12th. NEW. Writing the short story from flash to novella. 10 to 4 with lunch and more.

S​ign up now if interested in joining a handful of other writers in a day of silent writing and lots of inspirational prompts if you want them.


October 7th memoir--closed. /October 13th Creepy stories for Halloween. /October 19th and/or 20th Poetry. /November 9th GRAMMAR for GROWNUPS. /November 12 the short story/17th Memoir./December 8th and/or 9th Writing a story or pop song for Christmas. (something that lasts year after year during the season.) Think "A Gift of the Magi' by O. Henry, or "Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer.  N.B.: In 2019 there will be only one seminar a month with special guest writers   and the prices will be $50 a day. For the rest of 2018 the cost is $35 a day including lunch and snacks.Friday, November 30th. Celebrate winter! A seminar "The Tried and True Path to Authorship." For beginners and emerging writers on the way to your accepted submissions, in this one day we will discuss the elements of being a writer in several genres: Scriptwriting, novels, short stories, stage plays, poetry, and more, how to query, submit and the tools for writers. Discussion of what is trending now in the trades and how to enter the path to success as you dream and work towards it. (It is exciting to see your work in print, onscreen or onstage.) Come to meet a few congenial like-minded people to talk about your writing pathway. From 10 to 4 with a healthy lunch: Beef with vegetables (ragout) and homemade bread, a warm fire in the fireplace and a special holiday dessert. Summit Seminars (as weather permits) in Crestline, CA. at Joan Eyles Johnson's mountain cabin writers' retreat with a well-published, oft-produced playwright, and much-published poet. Winner of the Ernest Hemingway Prize for Short Fiction (2016) and over 15 national awards for plays.(off-Broadway and on NPR). $35 for a day with a former teacher in the MFA program at Mount St. Mary's University in LA. Limited to 6 participants at any time. Reserve your place at our table now and be ready to enjoy your winter writing. (909) 589-0969. Leave a message.

Come to the mountains to escape the usual​

You may sign up for a small seminar group, a private workshop with a minimum of 2 writers , an hour or more for editing help, or a one hour grammar review, refresh your style with critical friendly feedback with an experienced writer and instructor. You may ask for help with publishing information. Just ask for what you need.

Walking Crow Meditation Center

an hour, a day, a weekend of refreshing silence.......

(909) 589-0969    Leave message with contact info.   This is always free! It doesn't cost anything to share the silence in our cozy retreat cabin, a beautiful garden, walking Lake Gregory, or a woodland trail. Did you read FREE? Take a breather from your busy world, practice mindfulness.........



Our First Ever Annual Murder Mystery seminar with a (boxed set) dinner-party game!

Friday, September 21  and Saturday the 22nd.  Choose the day you can participate

We will write from 10am until our gourmet lunch at 12. (from the Titanic menu) and then we will write again after lunch until we prepare for our special mystery game wherein we play actual participants in a murder mystery. Dinner 4-5 pm will also be  from the authentic menu from the last night of the dreadful voyage.

Dinner music selected from that played on the Titanic

you will receive detailed information about the role you are to play during the solving of the dinner party mystery game. Costumes optional.

Apply as soon as you can.

Participants limited to the number of characters in the game. (TBA)

$50  for one whole day of writing (seminar), lunch, and a special party dinner playing the murder mystery scenario with characters assigned in advance to each writer.

This looks like something very special. Your host, and chef--joan Johnson.

A Night to remember  

for creative writers who just want to have fun........

 Writing the Short Story: from start to finish. September 8th from 10am to 4pm

Write at least one short story in any genre in our day together.  Limited to 6 writers. 

Lunch. snacks and drinks included in one low price for a memorable day.

$35 for all you need to feel renewed and refreshed and excited about writing!

All you need to know about writing from flash to novella, with additional information 

about how to submit to magazines and competitions.

Write - Be inspired - refresh-

start something-

complete something!

Summit P.O. Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325

Come to write deliberately in the woodland cabin two hours east of LA and 5.000 ft above the crowd. Your mentor is a winner of the Ernest Hemingway Prize for short fiction, an award-winning playwright with plays off-Broadway and on NPR, and a published poet. 

Something just came up!  oooops.  

Okay, I have a request for a really creepy story day. Are you interested? Can you take it? I mean "the woods are lovely dark and deep--" at Summit Seminars preparing for All Hallows Eve. --Saturday, October 13th from 10 to 4-- with gourmet lunch and seasonal treats. Wear black or white. Be prepared to be scared (writing limited to ghost stories.) Sign up early with check for the whole ghastly experience $35. for the whole writing party.

 Joan Johnson- Summit Seminars

P.O. Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325. 

First to request a place around our table, first accepted. Limited to 6 people. Refunds guaranteed if for any reason you cannot keep the date or a weather-cancellation.

Summit Seminars

(Not a writers workshop, but  professional guidance to being a published writer.)

Serving writers from beginning to publication and ownership of intellectual property.

Check out the entire website for information on who and what this service is about and the idea of getting down where writing is serious business and not just a hobby.


Joan Eyles Johnson, M.A. Winner of the ERNEST HEMINGWAY PRIZE FOR SHORT FICTION 2016 (Fiction Southeast) has not only taught writing for over 35 years, but is an award-winning author of short stories, poetry and a playwright with over 40 Plays produced internationally, off-Broadway and on NPR, has retired to the mountains to write deliberately, and to share her cabin in the woods with others who want to write along with her with professional coaching, inspirational prompts and expertise. Joan has four degrees in writing for media and has taught screenwriting and writing for TV and radio, all of which she has done. She has written for newspapers here and in Japan, and was a popular (contract) oft-requested teacher of writing at major corporations: Hewlett Packard, Intel, Philco/Ford, The US Government, Department of the Navy, and more. For seven years she was the Television host and producer of "Joan's Show" in Silicon Valley, She has worked locally for PBS, ABC and Fox News as a stringer for major event coverage nationwide. She continues to hone her craft taking classes from contemporary writers, most recently online from Stanford University with the young Maine novelist, Lewis Robinson (Water Dogs) and attendance at four Colrain Conferences with Joan Houlihan, Fred Marchant and other poets and poetry book publishers in Ashland, OR, Whidby Island, WA and Las Truchas, NM.

Schedule your own group special 2018 weekend seminar 10 TO 4 EACH DAY. 

Request  a table of 6.  Saturday and Sunday:10 to 4 pm  $70 each for both days --all meals included 

Writing in the Gothic Style. If you love Edgar Alan Poe, you will learn how to incorporate the style of Gothic fiction into your stories and poems. You will discover an exciting way to write flash fiction, short stories, poems and anything else with a sharpened consciousness and new perspective..........oh my!

  • Join us at the table for this requested seminar. Taught by Joan Johnson who has written stories for the popular Comic Con   best seller  "Diabolique Magazine" . 
  • Cue the thunder and lightning.
  •  P.O.Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325 

Joan's 2017 published short stories, play performances, poetry, etc.

1.)February 2016  First place Winner of the Ernest Hemingway Prize  Short Fiction, for her story "The Night Packet" to be published  Fiction Southeast. (online with audio version as well.)

2.) Flash story, "A Pigeon's Life" published in Foliate Oak at online. 

(February edition)The Raven's Perch journal: 5 poems 1story  

3.)April: A tribute to Joan Eyles Johnson, 3 one-act plays onstage in L.A. directed by Sharon Carnicke at the Stanislavsky Studio: "Odile" "Hislops' Fables" "Dancing to the Epistle"  Echo Park, LA. 

4.)In the May issue: "The Raven's Perch" flash story "Whispering"

5) Poem, "Grief" in the current June issue of The Orchards Poetry Journal.

6) Semi-finalist Writer/Advice online for 300 word flash story: Hair  Skin  Breath.  

7.) Poem "Phuket" in new journal, Trampset. published 6/26th on

8.) Received July 25th from the best director, teacher of theater I ever met; this is a prize beyond any one could receive, better than any award:


9.) Five poems published in The Raven's Perch: You Can Find Me, The Drowned Corvette, Making Strawberry Jam, Prairie Morning, and Fencing. November  16th. 

10.) Prose Poem, "One Cannibal Waiting" accepted for publication in next edition of Phantom Drift Limited,  literary journal. (Oct 2018)

11.) Flash fiction story, "Left" to be published in first edition of "Splash" a new journal by Haunted Waters Pressm, publisher of the journal, "Out of the Depths."

12.) Three articles in the Winter edition of Crestlne Magazine published by the Chamber of Commerce. Profiles of Pam Morey, Joseph Velazquez, and John Arthur.


Letter Received:

Dear Joan, I so love you and your spirit.

I can’t wait for the next time we go to the Huntington, have an Indian meal, and talk about life and theatre!

It is a privilege knowing you.


Dr. Sharon Marie Carnicke

Professor, Dramatic Arts and Slavic

Associate Dean, Director of the BA Program in Dramatic Arts

University of Southern California, School of Dramatic Arts

1029 Childs Way, Los Angeles CA 90089-0791; 1-213-740-8686

Founder: The Stanislavsky Institute for the 21st Century

Author: “Stanislavsky in Focus”, “Chekhov: 4 Plays and 3 Jokes” (translator), “Checking out Chekhov”, and “Reframing Screen Performance” (co-author).

Winner of The ErnestHemingway Prize for her short story, "The Night Packet" to be printed in Fiction Southeast this month.


Are you a  secret poet? Do you have a handful or maybe a book of poems you have written for your own pleasure? Are you limiting your self by self-publishing?Would you like to know how to get your poetry published in the traditional way for more than just your friends and family to see? October 19th, and/or 20th. Come either day for a 6 hour seminar on the subject of getting poetry published from literary journals to your own book with an ISBN from the Library of Congress. Reserve your place now and get your work in bookstores and libraries! 

Only $25 -I provide the box lunch!

(909) 589-0969 Leave message with contact info.

" is fair to say that our country is experiencing a moment of popular anger, political vertigo, and institutional fragility that is almost without precedent."  Jeffrey Goldberg from Atlantic magazine

When applying for any upcoming event or seminar, please be sure your letter/application arrives in the Crestline Post office box at least a week in advance. Since we limit participants to 6 at any time, we may not have an opening near the posted dates. We will be adding weekend seminars when we reach a minimum of four additional requests.  Write a note with questions about Summit Seminars, and/or disclosure about upcoming guest artists, writers, musicians, yoga instructors, whirling dervish parties, films, menus....

Summit Seminars P.O. Box 36 Crestline CA 92325 

Gothic fiction, which is largely known by the sub-genre of Gothic horror, is a genre or mode of literature and film that combines fiction and horror, death, and at times romance. Its origin is attributed to English author Horace Walpole, with his 1764 novel The Castle of Otranto, subtitled (in its second edition) "A Gothic Story". The effect of Gothic fiction feeds on a pleasing sort of terror, an extension of Romantic literary pleasures that were relatively new at the time of Walpole's novel. It originated in England in the second half of the 18th century and had much success in the 19th, as witnessed by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Another well known novel in this genre, dating from the late Victorian era, is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The name Gothic refers to the (pseudo)-medieval buildings, emulating Gothic architecture, in which many of these stories take place. This extreme form of romanticism was very popular in England and Germany. The English Gothic novel also led to new novel types such as the German Schauerroman and the French Georgia.”----Wikipedia

Reserve the weekend NOW for writing 

YOUR OWN Gothic Fiction!

If you are writing, or want to write or publish your Gothic short story, novel, poems, or screenplay this condensed course is for you.

We will look intently at some of the most famous Gothic works from today to yesterday, enjoy writing sessions with apt prompts, workshop, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, (or spirits?) and enjoy the thrilling stuff of horror, mystery and the macabre. And if you want to stay overtime, we can enjoy some wine and cheese while we enjoy some horror films you may not have seen. At Dorothy's we have a large and rare collection of films.  

A bargain mini-working vacation with a written product you can take with you when you leave..

Maybe a special surprise guest will appear to add some gory highlights to your sojourn in the woods high in the California “alps” once known as “little Switzerland” where the streets have names like Edelweiss, San Moritz, Jungfrau, and such. We may even sit around a fire and tell scary tales invoking the ghost of  Mary Shelley when perhaps you will be even more inspired to publish your own classic horror novel?.

Summit Seminars P.O. Box 36 Crestline California 92325

Get a small group of writer friends and make it a party. (limited to 6 participants)

sign up now while you are wanting to do this.

Limited to only 6 writers at any seminar.

2018 Schedules seminars/workshops/classes

Opening with a big blast of cold facts! Grammar is basic. Whenever you speak or write somebody is silently correcting your grammar and may even be judging your intelligence or? So, how about taking a new look at the subject? 

A One day intense study of the most common mistakes and how to easily correct them. The Grammar Lady is in.

March 3rd. Saturday from 10 until 4 pm. Spend a lovely day in an easygoing atmosphere at Dorothy's Home/Summit Seminars. 

$100 for your welcome to a small group (limited to 6)  Write now because this seminar has proven to be the most fun. 

Can you believe it? 

Drop a note with your check (fully guaranteed refundable if you cancel) to Summit Seminars P.O. Box 36 Crestline, CA. Commit to a yearly checkup.

Did you know that the rules of grammar change all the time? Learn all about it in a day!  

Sign in now.

March 10th-Saturday 



Are you a poet? Do you keep your poems a secret that you only share with a friend or two? Would you like to know about the world of poetry publishers and maybe even attempt to see your work in print and share it with a wider world? 

One day in the mountains at a writers' retreat. Plenty of time to share with other poets who come together to talk of the highest form of thinking, according to T.S.Eliot.

$100 for day, plus materials and lunch. And lots of inspiration and information about the process.

Dare to learn how to take your writing to a new level.

keep scrolling down and then click the upper right hand corner for more under 2018.


"The business of being a writer"

Everything a writer needs to know about getting an agent, finding a publisher, preparing a book proposal, submitting stories, poems and plays, the proper way to submit by mail, formats for query letters, the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishers, the way to promote your work both with or without an established  major publishing house, Book tours, how to schedule your own promotional tour, how to advertise your work, publicizing yourself, handouts with important information on all or most of the above subjects, texts you may want to buy for your writing and publishing life, getting an ISBN for your book, copyright laws, securing your rights to your work from plagiarism, and selling rights to media, both foreign and domestic. Intellectual property laws, and more. $200.

Please note this seminar is limited to only 6 writers at any one time, so send your request for your place at our table now. 

Summit Seminars

P.O. Box 36

Crestline, CA 92325

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Please click on Schedule for the whole year to see upcoming scheduled seminars.

  • All seminars daily from 10-4 and limited to  6 applicants  in order to guarantee personal attention.

(concierge service for mountain entertainment and sports events)

Acceptance is based on "first come, first served" principle, limited to the first 6 qualified applicants. If there is a waiting list, any cancellations will make room for the next writer who applied.

You must send your application, a check for the seminar  and, of course, any questions  to:

 Summit Seminars P.O. Box 36 Crestline Village, CA 92325 to be received at least a week before the beginning date. All payments are totally refundable if cancelled or received too late to be processed, or if your plans change and you cannot attend the seminar you chose; the next applicant will replace you and your payment will be totally refundable upon notice at any time.

Price includes all snacks, continental breakfast and lunch each day



You will be catered to while writing . A continental breakfast and a healthy lunch menu is available every day. Snacks, coffee, tea and water are always available, and at 3pm there will be sharing with your convivial small group of companion writers during our positive  critique periods.


In a  directions package we will will send you a list of recommended lodges, cabins and hotels in and around Lake Arrowhead within a very short driving distance. Low cost and discounted rates for guests. 

If you want to extend your stay in the mountains and enjoy the pleasures of Southern California, Lake Arrowhead is one hour from Palm Springs, an hour and a half from San Diego and two hours from L.A. (Hollywood). Crestline Village is a four season resort with boating, fishing, swimming (water park )in summer and famous ski trails in winter, all this at 6,000 feet above the valley of the Inland Empire.

The Rim of the World Highway has been named one of the top ten most beautiful scenic drives in the country!


"I learned without even knowing I was learning. I want to thank you for that....Aside from helping me  write better essays this has helped me become a better communicator in general. Thank you for that too."

----Christina Medina, MD 

"Joan is one of the most brilliant creative minds I have ever known. She is the reason I continue to write today and was a profound influence on my creativity."              

---Judith Gardner, Professional author and story teller, and owner of The Gardner Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas                 


"I found Ms. Johnson to be passionate and learned....committed to the educational and personal development of her students." ---Manuel Perea, Instructor,​ Pasadena City College

Crestline is adjacent to Lake Arrowhead and is a 4 season resort. Our retreat cabin is situated high in the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California where we are two hours from the ocean at Seal Beach  and/or Los Angeles, in winter you can ski in the morning and surf after lunch.  While writing, and being coached you will be in a cozy  pine cabin in a natural forest (cedars, oak and pine, mountain laurel)  in which to write, and if it is cold, snowing, and/or you would prefer to write indoors, we have a floor to ceiling river rock fireplace and cozy dens, nooks, sofas, and an extensive library where you can tuck yourself up with your laptop. We are a Wi-fi property, indoors and outside. Overnight accomodations are available at an additional cost. Please inquire.

Oh and we have flying squirrels, stellar blue jays, colorful juncos, "Woody" woodpeckers, raccoons and a very rare bear who will not bother you as long as our mascot, Daisy Buchanan*, a genuine bear-dog is on patrol. Bring your camera!

*She's spoiled rotten and always leaves the messes she makes for others to clean up after her. W/apologies to one of our favorite authors.

BOOK NOW (only 6 writers in each seminar)

Pleas send a brief bio and description of your reason for applying to P.O.Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325

Phone calls and e-mails will not be considered

Saturday - March 17th Writing the short story from flash to novella 10-4pm (limited to 6 participants)

In the tradition of E.A. Poe and RL Stevenson, the short story we will write on a day celebrating the Irish, a race of story-tellers. I guarantee you will leave with a complete story ready to submit to a publisher. I cannot promise it will be accepted, but I promise you will be so happy with your work that you will not give up after any rejection. What's more, you will be a writer my friend. Dare me to do this for you!

$100 for all you need to feel renewed and refreshed and excited about writing!


One brightly dark Saturday in March may be the day you had the best beginning! 

March 24th

from 10 until 4pm Limited to 6 writers drop that post card in the mail now!

Writing Noir

Ah the Femme Fatale and the Chump who loves her. From the bedroom to the boardroom, from heaven to hell....all this in one novel, film, or short story. For as long as it lasts it is compelling to something deep inside of us that knows all too well...the story. Noir has certain elements necessary to the genre: a street with pavement wet with rain, sleek black cars and a girl in a sequined jacket or gown, venetian blinds or fishing nets, one piece bathing suits and placid lakes that hold dark secrets, and so much more. Come to this seminar to explore and discover this exciting style of story-telling.

Come for a day of study and entertainment. A platter of the best will be served up in 3 courses to leave you satisfied and ready to dream your story. From 2 until 3 you will have the quiet privacy to write. From 3 to 4 or as long as it takes, you will have the opportunity to share your work, your plans for the work, and information about where to send it whether a producer, agent, literary journal, pulp magazine, or ? Come for the fun and leave with a new piece of writing.

 First come, first served! join us!

P.O. Box 36 Crestline CA 92325  Summit Seminars


More Seminars 

 announced soon!

Click on upper right: Seminars 2018