WELL, WHO KNOWS WHEN? Obviously a house designed for guests in a writer's cabin for a working retreat is closed now due to the Corona virus Covid-19. So until it is possible, if ever, to renew our coming together to talk about writing and write for a day or a weekend, we will have to be patient almost beyond endurance.

NEVERTHELESS, we must not, cannot cease from writing, working on our passion for putting words on paper in a meaningful, effective way.

So, I have prepared some packets for you at a very low price to keep you tuned into Scribeaway.org.


​Well. who would have imagined this? Covid 19 has put an end to our getting together to imagine, inspire and write at the cabin. So, in order to keep us working on our stories, memoirs, plays, poems and all other kinds of writing, I have put together what I think may keep you tuned into your writing life. A series of packets for "walk around writing"  Do it yourself workshops to enjoy at your leisure. Your own personal plan and schedule to follow for an hour or a day of writin

"Walking Writer Workshops.

I am keeping previous information online FYI. 

Walking Crow Meditation Center​(free)

A Writer's Cabin: All new year of writers' seminars

A Mountain​ Retreat for private writing time

Just for fun. What might have been.

FLASH FICTION MEMOIR is the hottest genre in new publications NOW. Come to my house for six hours of conferencing, beginning or learning the skills to write your memories in little bits that add up to a delightful book, your legacy as an artifact you can hold in your hand and give to your loved ones, and even the reading world/ Sunday-March 22nd. In what may be the last season of seminars at the summit. From 10am until 4pm with gourmet lunch and refreshments. Limited seating. Reserve up until the preceding Wednesday. NOW or NEVER. 

A whole day and meals

 for less than a locksmith's visit: $45. 

Summit Seminars  P.O. Box 36  Crestline, CA 92325


private consultations: $45 private one hour or $100 for six hours with lunch. Finish your script, play, novel (historical, romance, mystery), poetry chapbook, poetry collection, children's and young-adult literature, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, stage play, travelogue, interview, essay, and more all with the coaching of an award-winning author, poet and playwright and very special guests.

Our goal is to get you to publication and solid intellectual property (copyright) for your legacy. From start to finish, work toward your goal. ​

Write for information today!

Summit Seminars

P.O. Box 36

Crestline Village, CA 92325

For lo! The winter is o'er and the voice in your head needs to be captured in print!

I am so happy to announce Summit Seminars is now opening with precautions still in place with social distancing, masks, and outdoor writing in a little garden in four (FREE) SILENT retreats for a start.

Opening a new season June 5th

Limited to 6 writers only. Saturday June 5th from 10:30 until 3 Pm with optional sharing over tea, dessert and a glass of wine.

A silent writers' retreat outdoors in a small garden with social distancing at separate tables.

The Agenda

  • 10:30AM. Handouts with inspiration, ideas, prompts, suggestions and a list of places for submissions of your finished work.
  • Quiet writing session until lunch at 12:30
  • Lunch at your table. Begin writing when done. It is suggested that you use the next writing period for a second draft and editing your morning's work. (All writing is re-writing) There will be a page in your handout about flash fiction, should you want to submit your work in this genre.
  • At 3PM the choice to meet and speak with the other participants is yours. Tea will be served with dessert.
  • Please wear comfortable flat shoes for walking on the hillside property. It is a rustic setting, so casual clothes, with consideration of the weather are also in order.
  • Lunch will be catered from a local restaurant, and there will be plenty of water, tea and coffee and snacks available throughout the day.
  • You may use your laptop if you prefer it to the usual yellow legal pads with sharp pencils. There is Wi-Fi.
  • Each writer has a separate table and socializing is discouraged until the writing sessions have ended.
  • I am so happy to announce a full house for the first Saturday in June. A writing "spa day" for your imagination. The theme for the day is "Don't die with your music in you."
  • We have permission to park in the neighbors' driveways for the day since their main residences are elsewhere. Email me for directions and any questions you might have about the day. [email protected]