Drop a note in the mail with your request for a workshop or seminar or private day retreat while you think of it. Once the weekends have a minimum of four participants it will be secure, if the minimum is not reached the session will be cancelled with plenty of notice. AND of course the weather will be a factor as well.

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Book Proposal Workshop

YES you can pay over $1000 dollars for a weekend someplace as special as this to get instructions and a handout for getting your book to a publisher, OR you can spend $300 for two whole days dedicated to getting your book into the hands of a traditional publisher guaranteed. Write your inquiry letter and get it all together professionally as a packet for traditional publishing and avoid the pain and expense of self-publishing. You can do this with my help.

Reserve your seat at my table now and together we will begin and complete a professional book proposal signed sealed and ready to be delivered by 4pm Sunday afternoon.  Summit Seminars P.O. Box 36 Crestline CA.  All calendar dates are currently open in April for two consecutive days of the week. Inquire now.