Summit Seminars is now offering private residencies to one woman writer at a time for one to two weeks lodging in a private studio with separate entrance in an historic home surrounded by cedar, oak, pine and laurels, birds and squirrels. Dedicated to nourishing the creative spirit in emerging or established women writers with non-interference or interruptions except for good food and  a room of her own.

Accommodations include daily meals, snacks, telephone, and local transport. 

Stay in a pine chalet in the woods in the mountain village of Crestline, California.

$250 a week, all inclusive with personal care and attention.

Only women seeking a quiet, private place in the country to work seriously on either playwriting, cinematic arts, non-fiction, creative fiction and poetry may apply. 

Enjoy writing in a lovely private rose garden in the woodland 5000 ft. above the Pacific ocean.


Application period is now closed and will open in August for Spring residencies of two to four weeks and close on September 30th

Eligibility Applicants must:

• Be woman-identified

• Be 21 years of age or older

• Apply as an individual artist, not a collaborative group or team

You will provide a work sample and answer three questions (each answer 300 words or fewer).

• How have you sought to educate yourself as a writer? (Formal education not a prerequisite, but evidence of curiosity and learning in your applicable genre is.)

• What is your experience with publishing your work?

• What project will you pursue while in residency? Work Sample Requirements:

• Work samples should reflect work completed within the last two years.

• Applicants can submit published or unpublished work samples.

Diversity I, Joan Eyles Johnson, am committed to diversity and elevating voices of historically excluded communities.

A Writer's Cabin:
A Mountain Retreat

Sit or walk in silence for one hour at a time with intervals of inspiration.

Finish your script, novel (historical, romance, mystery), poetry chapbook, poetry collection, children's and adult literature, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, stage play, travelogue, interview, essay, and all with the coaching of an award-winning author, poet and playwright and very special guests.

Our goal is to get you to publication and solid intellectual property (copyright) for your legacy. From start to finish, work toward your goal.

Write for information today!

Summit Seminars

P.O. Box 36

Crestline Village, CA 92325

Did you know the scallop shell was the symbol of a pilgrim on a path to a shrine? Worn on a hat, cloak or collar, It told all would-be highwaymen that the wearer was a seeker and not to be disturbed by any interruption, whether robbery or asking for directions. It was a symbol of peace and quiet, something we all long for.

Now you can spend a day or two in complete silence in order to shed the cares and worries of the busy life you lead and sit in meditation, walk amid the pines reading Rumi, Sufi proverbs, or choose instead to walk around our beautiful Lake Gregory with the readings of Thich Nhat Hanh, breathe along with nature, think your own thoughts, experience happiness for a whole day or a whole weekend without noisy interruptions, telephone, TV, "breaking" news, and chatter. Pick up a schedule of your choice upon arrival at our retreat house and you can choose a path to follow for the day.

Come for the refreshment of fresh air, doing nothing at all, and good food.

Spend a whole day without noise. Keep silence for 5 hours and feel refreshed and calm for a long time afterwards. Come to the retreat house on any Saturday or Sunday during the Summer 

Each day from 10  until 4 ( gourmet lunch included)

You will find a basket of choice handouts from various sources, including prayer, poetry, literature from many languages and sources, and in order to maintain tranquility there is only one rule: there can be no ringing telephones except the little one in the tiny office where there is always filtered water and fruit, nuts, cheese.


 Weekends in silence at the retreat house. Limited to only 

five participants at any time. 

$35  either day

With healthy nutritious gourmet  meals, snacks, tea and pure  water.

Inspiring handouts for silent meditation based on a variety of sources from a variety of faiths, practices and sacred verse and little books you can carry.                                           

 Mindfulness walking on either day or both on the weekends in good weather

Give a loved one a special birthday gift, a day or two of total silence in the peaceful gardens at our retreat house with perhaps a stroll of  quiet  beauty at Laked Gregory before a nutritious gourmet lunch.

Groups of SLOW "mindfulness" walks 

 Lake Gregory.

The Fee includes a brown bag healthy Lunch and book by Thich Nhat Hanh on walking meditation with stops along the way for reading Thich Nhat Hanh's text, and sharing of thoughts of those who may be inspired to write something down along the way.  Please be mindful that it may be cool weather, and dress accordingly with comfortable shoes. The path is level and exquisitely beautiful with many birds, trees,butterflies, and views across the water.

($ 35) includes your own copy of Thich Nhat Hanh's book, a little notebook, pen, water, and brown bag Deli lunch (gluten free/vegetarian/options) Limited to six participants on each day's walking journey through the beautiful forested lake.

Sign up now to a join our small group, or send for flyer with full description 

Summit Seminars/P.O.Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325

"Don't worry if you feel you can only do one tiny good thing in one small corner of the cosmos.  Just be a Buddha body in that one place." ---Thich Nhat Hanh

Please make your check out to Joan Johnson and write Summit Seminars on the memo line left bottom of check.and mail to P.O. Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325   Limited to the first 5 people who reply. Thank you.