A Writer's Cabin:
A Mountain Retreat

Announcing our new low cost

"Summit Seminars"

Inviting writers of all genres to a quiet hideaway where you can imagine, write, and work with just as much creative coaching, instruction, and

inspiration as you want....never more than 6 participants at any time.

Edelweiss blossoms

Finish your script, novel (historical, romance, mystery), poetry chapbook, poetry collection, children's and adult literature, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, stage play, travelogue, interview, essay, and all with the coaching of an award-winning author, poet and playwright and very special guests.

Our goal is to get you to publication and solid intellectual property (copyright) for your legacy. From start to finish, work toward your goal.

Write for information today!

Summit Seminars

P.O. Box 36

Crestline Village, CA 92325

Plan your writing life NOW! You do not have to be an experienced or accomplished writer to enjoy learning how to write fiction that engages readers, audiences and the public in general. All are welcome to any and all of the following seminars. 

If you are a professional writer, or if you always wanted to be one, join other writers who use a seminar to stay fresh and energized with inspiration and colloquy.


3rd. Not your grade school GRAMMAR. 10 to 4. One time only limit increased to 10 max.

10th. Poetry. April is poetry month, so how about getting a poem or two ready for publication? 

17th. Special Grammar games, "Grammar tune-up" postponed from March 3rd. $50 (half price)

24th/31 Writing Noir. Fun! limited to 6 writers who like the dark and sinister and femmes fatales.$100 for either of the two Saturdays to choose from-- meals included, and more. Choose your Saturday!


April 7: FREE "Memoir Boot-camp"  Come to discover your story and how to write it in a short work of nonfiction or a complete memoir. If you are curious, or if you are ready but procrastinating, please come for a seminar on capturing your life on paper!

April 14/15 Writing in the Gothic style. $200. A popular workshop! Only 6 writers around the cozy river rock fireplace. All meals included. Organic, gluten free and delicious. Wine and hot chocolate in the evenings.

April 21: The Business end of being a writer. You can imagine what this is about and why you need to know it!

April 28/29: Making a Chapbook From beginning to end.  Chapbooks are very popular now and you can win one of the many contests if you put your little book of 12 to 24 pages in the running. Let's get you started and make your little book (s). I will show you "what where and how" from start to finish. I guarantee you will go home with a fistful or more after just one weekend seminar. This is a promise. Everything included: lunches, a chapbook by a working writer and more. $ 200.


May 2-5: The FOUR DAY WRITING WORKSHOP. A full, intense, interactive workshop. $400. (only 6 writers and no more)Wednesday through Saturday. 9-4 on Wednesday 10-4 Th, F, S. See the final workshop of the season at the end of this calendar list for detailed information about each day's study material.


The basics of writing travel articles. Take that trip by car, train, plane or cruise ship and never again pay for your vacations. One article, two photographs can pay for your trip. $90 for the seminar with lunch and refreshments. 9 to 4pm Sunday

May 19: NOW. Tell your life and experiences from your side of the story! Think of it as owning your own life experience...or leave it for relatives and neighbors to compose when you are no longer here to make corrections.  Beginning your MEMOIR. Why wait  longer? Capture your own life on paper for all time in your own words. A memoir is not an autobiography that starts: "I am born."  It is a series of chapters you want to collect for posterity, anecdotes, personal history, etc. These two days are enough time to outline, or write chapters that can go anywhere you like. Design your own book about yourself. $100 for you , or half price each if you bring another writer with you. two for one.

May 26: Basic Grammar in a day. Everything you need to know to feel confident writing for your business: memos to business plans, emails to mission statements. Grammar without tests or tension, just one pleasant day in my garden. 10 to 4. $75 for the day. Increasing the limit to 10 participants.

June 2nd: A one day seminar

 Conducting an interview- for a job --or a magazine article. 

$65. The instructor, Joan Johnson,hosted "Joan's Show" daily for 7 years on TV and wrote weekly newspaper interviews in her column for the Santa Clara American newspaper. Gourmet lunch included. 

 JUNE 9th (a chance to spend a Saturday thinking only of yourself.) Capture your life!

Another very special day. "Writing Your Memoir" We will hunker down and tackle this project at last. One inspiring day of planning, drafting and finishing the first chapter of the book wherein you capture a part of your life on paper. Join a small group of five other writers who have decided it is time to write a true story of their legacy. You will surprise yourself when you see how much fun it can be and how rewarding to finally hold a chapter or two aloft with pride in having recorded a story only you can tell truthfully. . includes instruction, inspiration, know-how, prompts, examples, discussion and a gourmet lunch you will not forget. Limited to 6 participants. Sign up now and commit to writing down your story before someone else does it for you. 

You know the truth, the humor, the sorrows, the stories of your life better than anyone else.You tell it yourself. It's the easiest kind of writing. Let's get started, or continue what you started.  Gourmet lunch included. Join a small circle of like-minded writers who want to try their hand at compelling attention! Lots of feedback! $100.


June 16th 

Another short story day. $88 A day of writing away from the hustle of your work, house or traffic.....Isolate yourself with 5 like-minded writers and submit to the rigors of silent composing for two hour sessions, followed by discussion at your option, and interrupted by a convivial gourmet luncheon with a sumptuous dessert.  Reserve your space now. Limited to 6. Weather permitting.

July 7th/8th Another Gothic Weekend! ... Creepy weekend reading and writing scary stuff....Want to get into the dark shadows of riveting writing style? Join a small circle of like-minded writers who want to try their hand at compelling attention! Two days of intense study/composing the hottest genre in fashion today. Of course, gourmet lunch will be served each day. Lots of feedback by the giant fireplace! $200. Sat and Sun  10 t0 4. 

July 14th-Grammar and Rhetorical Devices.  Whether for business or fun, creative writing or advertising, someone is always silently correcting your grammar and judging your education. It is not difficult to learn the "tricks" of the English language and things your instructors never told you. This last day of grammar seminar for the year. Book it now because it is first come first served and limited to only 6 participants. Saturday from 10 to 4 with a gourmet lunch in the middle of a fun day. Yes, grammar is an ugly word for a beautiful subject when you feel confident that you know how to play with it. $100 ---------------------------------------------------

GET THAT CHAPBOOK OUT THERE MAKING THE ROUNDS OF PUBLISHERS' DESKS. August 4th. Poetry and/or flash fiction 12 -20 page books for prize money and praise. Come and find out how to make a chapbook of your work in a one-day workshop. $100. includes lunch, of course!

August 11/12 Two days $200. Nonfiction. The literary essay, power business letters, and more. Make your point so sharp you get action. Let me prove to you the "the pen is mightier than the sword."


This will be a Four day event presenting the key elements of a writing workshop: Clear instruction, illustrated by contemporary and classic works in a cozy pine cabin by a roaring fire. Let’s write! Let’s finish something now! Let’s start something to work on during the long snowy winter! Let’s get to know other writers with the same love for writing! Maybe even prepare to write a novel in November?

Wednesday through Saturday, August 22 through the 25th

Schedule:10am to 4pm

MONDAY: Where and how to find material. Evoking a vivid sense of place and time. Inventing fictional people.

TUESDAY: Selecting the best point of view. Handling dramatic action. Options and techniques for opening and closing.

WEDNESDAY: Choosing effective details. Matters of style. Finding a narrative voice. Creating characters

THURSDAY: Transforming the first draft into finished polished fiction

This will be a true workshop in that we will, as a group, have a game plan, and we will enjoy playing the game making up our own rules as they evolve with helpful feedback and discussion of each other’s work.


Cost: $400 for the entire workshop, including lunch and refreshments each day. Limited to the first 6 people who apply. Summit Seminars P.O. Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325, with your payment. 

*Based on the classic techniques of Josip Novakovich “There’s hardly any other art form or sport that people profess so much desire to do as writing, yet they avoid doing it. “

Think about it.

Final seminar for 2018

TBA Making a Book

coming in September

For artists and writers

Make your own illuminated manuscript

and use your own material for design and illustrations


Put this on your bulletin board.Apply in time to join us at our little writing table (s) by the fire or in the garden.


Seminars during the fall and winter are dependent on the weather and travel conditions, but there will be some more added. Keep checking into Scribeaway.org for announcements about additional seminars. AND, of course there are many that can be requested for two weekdays at a time on any of the above subjects.


Private classes, editing, coaching, hourly instruction available at all times upon mutual agreement/ $35 HOURLY.

Reserve your place in advance 

​Please note that the prices have risen this year. Since the retreat is limited to only 6 participants, each person must be seen and heard and receive personal attention during the sessions. Please look over the offered seminars and send a request and small deposit of half the posted fee to Summit Seminars PO box 36 Crestline, CA 92325

All deposits will be returned if the seminar is cancelled of you are unable to come even at the last minute. Reserve you place at our table now. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Weather Wise

All seminars are dependent on the weather during the winter months, and in the forest winter can run up and through May. Last year and the year before it snowed in May. If you drive up the mountain you must have chains or your will run the risk of a ticket from the CHP.  If you want to plan a visit during the snow season in order to combine a ski vacation with your writing retreat, let me know and I can arrange a fabulous cabin or resort hotel room in and around Lake Arrowhead and the ski slopes at a discounted price. Plan early enough that we can find rooms since this area is a popular winter playground for thousands of snow-loving people. 

Apply now for the seminar you want to attend. Limited to six participants each!  

I realize now that everything I know about writing I learned from you. ----------In a letter  from Gabriel Gutierrez, M.A., MFA


Covering the basics of this popular genre in 6 hours.

One day of short story writing will have you ready to submit to publishers and contests.


Creepy psychological genre or comic book or graphic novel....This is a fun way to tell your story with an edge that is sure to grab somebody

Grammar (fun) Fair

Whatever you write, when you submit it for someone to read, it is most likely being judged by style, story and sentence structure. (How's that for sibilance and alliteration in just 4 words. 

Mystery and murder...

Create the next iconic detective and let him walk through film, novels, short stories.....???