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Please click on Summit Seminars 2018 on the right, to see more of the upcoming schedule. Enroll ASAP. Affordable prices from $25 to $35 to $50 a day. (w.lunch and snacks) Payment in advance for my trip to the market for organics.

Apply or inquire now [email protected]   

 (909) 589-0969 or Post Office Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325  with contact information. Thanks!

--------------PAST Seminars

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Next seminar:  Friday, October 19th FREE. A day of writing, learning about and writing poems that will get published in contemporary journals. 10 to 4 Pm. A day to learn, practice and produce. A free healthy lunch and plenty of coffee and snacks.  The day will pass all too quickly because it is designed to engage you in the "flow"-- writing your own poems. The goal is to get published in today's top journals and preparing your little chapbook of 12 to 24 poems and getting published. Come for a day of writing for publication. If I could do it, so can you.

Come on over. This coming Friday. Free.

A Writer's Cabin:
A Mountain Retreat

Announcing our new low cost

"Summit Seminars"

Inviting writers of all genres to a quiet hideaway where you can imagine, write, and work with just as much creative coaching, instruction, and

inspiration as you want....never more than 6 participants at any time.

Edelweiss blossoms

Finish your script, novel (historical, romance, mystery), poetry chapbook, poetry collection, children's and adult literature, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, stage play, travelogue, interview, essay, and all with the coaching of an award-winning author, poet and playwright and very special guests.

Our goal is to get you to publication and solid intellectual property (copyright) for your legacy. From start to finish, work toward your goal.

Write for information today!

Summit Seminars

P.O. Box 36

Crestline Village, CA 92325

October Seminars

October 7th Short Story---closed

October 19th and/or 20th Poetry 

Book Proposal Workshop--You choose the dates. When your book is ready for submission to a publisher you can learn how to do this from query letter to postage. Book 2 days of your choice. 

$200 for two days of personal attention to you and your book.  Send me the dates you want to reserve for this important private consultation.

YES you can pay over $1000 dollars for a weekend someplace as special as this to get instructions and a handout for getting your book to a publisher, OR you can spend $200 for two whole days dedicated to getting your book into the hands of a traditional publisher guaranteed. Write your inquiry letter and get it all together professionally as a packet for traditional publishing and avoid the pain and expense of self-publishing. You can do this with my help. Call or write me now for information. or

reserve your seat at my table now and together we will begin and complete a professional book proposal signed sealed and ready to be delivered by the end of the second day.  Summit Seminars P.O. Box 36 Crestline CA.  

Okay, I have a request for a really creepy story day. Are you interested? Can you take it? I mean "the woods are lovely dark and deep--" at Summit Seminars preparing for All Hallows Eve. --Saturday, October 13th from 10 to 4-- with gourmet lunch and seasonal treats. Wear black or white. Be prepared to be scared (writing limited to ghost stories.) Sign up early with check for the whole ghastly experience $35. Joan Johnson- Summit Seminars

P.O. Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325. First to request a place around our table, first accepted. Limited to 6 people. Refunds guaranteed if for any reason you cannot keep the date.

"Getting poetry published". Bring your work. I'll show you how to get it traditionally published with an ISBN from the Library of Congress and how to submit it from four poems to a poetry book to major publishers and literary journals. Choose your day for poetry help: Friday or Saturday, October 19the and/or 20th. Limited to 6 participants. only.

Plan your writing life NOW! You do not have to be an experienced or accomplished writer to enjoy learning how to write fiction that engages readers, audiences and the public in general. All are welcome to any and all of the following seminars. 

If you are a professional writer, or if you always wanted to be one, join other writers who use a seminar to stay fresh and energized with inspiration and colloquy.

OCTOBER 6 and/or 7th MEMOIR. Spend one or both days from 10 to 4

Working on memoir

Let me help you get it together for submission to a reputable publisher.

As always, a healthy lunch 

Feedback from no more than 5 other writers during breaks in our silent writing sessions.

Sign up now for a seat at the table.

Cancelled for any reason and you are guaranteed a refund.


Reserve now.

Reserve your place in advance 

​Please note that the prices have risen this year. Since the retreat is limited to only 6 participants, each person must be seen and heard and receive personal attention during the sessions. Please look over the offered seminars and send a request and small deposit of half the posted fee to Summit Seminars PO box 36 Crestline, CA 92325

All deposits will be returned if the seminar is cancelled of you are unable to come even at the last minute. Reserve you place at our table now. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Weather Wise

All seminars are dependent on the weather during the winter months, and in the forest winter can run up and through May. Last year and the year before it snowed in May. If you drive up the mountain you must have chains or your will run the risk of a ticket from the CHP.  If you want to plan a visit during the snow season in order to combine a ski vacation with your writing retreat, let me know and I can arrange a fabulous cabin or resort hotel room in and around Lake Arrowhead and the ski slopes at a discounted price. Plan early enough that we can find rooms since this area is a popular winter playground for thousands of snow-loving people. 

Apply now for the seminar you want to attend. Limited to six participants each!  

I realize now that everything I know about writing I learned from you. ----------In a letter  from Gabriel Gutierrez, M.A., MFA


Covering the basics of this popular genre in 6 hours.

One day of short story writing will have you ready to submit to publishers and contests.


Creepy psychological genre or comic book or graphic novel....This is a fun way to tell your story with an edge that is sure to grab somebody

Grammar (fun) Fair

Whatever you write, when you submit it for someone to read, it is most likely being judged by style, story and sentence structure. (How's that for sibilance and alliteration in just 4 words. 

Mystery and murder...

Create the next iconic detective and let him walk through film, novels, short stories.....???